Just a regular 20-year-old girl, with the dream to change the world.

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Hi everyone!
My name is Anushka and it has been so long since I have written an introduction to myself, so forgive me if it is a little chaotic.

I was born in the small town of Patna in India 20 years ago. I was the firstborn to my parents, so naturally, I was pampered a lot as a child. I stayed in the same city for the first eighteen years of my life. Needless to say, my life was fairly monotonous. …

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Writing a code is simple. But running a code is what gives life to what you have written.

When I first started out with Android Studio, I was taking a lot of references while building my app. But the thing that kept me excited was the idea of running my app for the first time. However, I had to read some tutorials before getting started, so I thought why not create one on my own.

Android Studio provides two methods to run your apps. You can either run your app on a real device or create an Android Virtual Device…

Taking the first step was the most challenging.

App Development always felt like a very exciting avenue that a lot of my peers were diving into. But for me, it felt dystopian. I wanted to try it out for a long time, but I never knew where to start from.

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Finally, in March, I found a hands-on course on app development. I knew that this could be my gateway to building apps. So, I started the course with utmost enthusiasm, soon to realise that I haven’t even installed the suitable software for practice. So I had to spend the next 1–2 hours to get the platform ready.


“Colors speak all languages.” — Joseph Addison

The world is a combination of colours laid out in a way that pleases our eyes. These colours play an integral role in design as well. Using the right colours in the right places can elevate our designs and increase their impact manifold.

Be it a company’s logo or a graffiti-ed wall, it makes an impact only when the colours are used effectively. The use of colours also evokes emotions in humans, while warm-toned colours can bring optimism, happiness and energy; cool-toned colours can be calm and soothing.

Colours are always responsible for…

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A year after the death of her boyfriend, Maya was sitting alone at his grave. It was a habit she could not change anymore. Every Sunday, she visited the graveyard to place a bouquet of lilies on his grave. Before his death, Vineet used to get her the same flowers almost every week. It had gradually become both of their favourites. After almost a year, it was one of the very few things that reminded Maya of her boyfriend. These days it felt as if she had started forgetting him and it was eating her alive.

She was sitting beside…

Massive disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer and I don't even own a camera.

I enjoy taking pictures of basically everything going on around me. At any point in time, my mobile camera roll is filled with pictures of random things like leaves, cakes, cloudy sky or even clear sky. Anything that grabs my attention for more than 15 seconds is featured in my phone gallery.

That, of course, is an exaggeration, but you get the point, right?
I like taking pictures of everything, even those things which are not artistic or beautiful in any way.

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Don’t just stop…

“No matter who you are, there is always some part of you that wishes you were someone else, and when, for a millisecond, you get that wish, it’s a miracle.”
― Jodi Picoult, The Pact

There are some books which hold a special place in our hearts. For me, The Pact by Jodi Picoult is one such book. I read this book back when I was thirteen and it truly moulded the meaning of love and friendship for me. And to this day, I feel gravitated towards this book.

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The novel keeps you hooked with its engaging premise and interesting…

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I stop at your name,
when I scroll down my contact list.
This never used to happen before,
I guess there is something special in you.

Your smile makes me blush,
your words seem to make my day.
I laugh at your lamest jokes,
and all this happens so naturally.

Never did I experience this before,
you have charisma, I cannot resist.
But sometimes I wonder if you even notice me,
or am I just one of your fangirls?

Don’t leave me on hold, my dear,
because I will always wait for you.
My eyes will find you in the crowd,
and my lips will always say your name.

I wish you weren't so unattainable
because you fit in my life perfectly.
You are the greatest gift I could ever ask for,
and the one present I might never get.

Anushka Choudhary

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again!

From listening to Spotify wrapped or watching archives of Snapchat stories, we are all reflecting on the year gone by. This can be especially disheartening considering that this year many of our plans could not be executed the way we wanted them to. So, it’s natural that we’ll end up making some far-fetched resolutions!

To end this cycle of determination, optimism, failure and disappointment, this year let us do something different. …

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These people walk without noticing,
the shadows of my feet.
They will not feel my disappearance,
nor will they ever miss my presence.
The streets will find new footprints,
that bury mine beneath theirs.
And the flowers and trees,
will find newer faces to look at.
Will my birds and dogs remember me
when I don’t show up?
Or will they find,
other faces that look the same as mine?
My existence is transient,
yet I had hoped to leave a mark.
But on the day of my departure,
I see unfamiliar faces walk in.
Ready to take my vacant spot,
and wipe my legacy forever.

Anushka Choudhary

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