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  • Benjamin Nweke

    Benjamin Nweke

    I value your time. Data scientist, Life coach/positivity therapist, and mental health advocate | History fanatic | Let’s connect: benjaminonmedium@gmail.com

  • Kathryn Lichlyter

    Kathryn Lichlyter

    UX Intern at Sovos

  • Weiee Ying

    Weiee Ying

    Remote product designer @airfoil. Tent-maker in progress. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Harsimran Singh Arora

    Harsimran Singh Arora

  • Nitish Khagwal

    Nitish Khagwal

    I am a seasoned Product Designer — I aim for meaningful and functional design experiences. Say hello! at khagwal.co →

  • Aarti Kava

    Aarti Kava

    Lead Product Designer 📍Mumbai

  • Anangsha Alammyan

    Anangsha Alammyan

    3x Author, Engineer, 2x Quora Top Writer. Find my videos on YouTube and Instagram. Open to gigs: anangsha@pm.me | Newsletter: anangsha.substack.com

  • Anurat Sinha

    Anurat Sinha

    UI Designer | Android App Developer @Quess, avid reader (currently reading “12 Rules of Life” by Jordan Peterson), Investing in Stocks & learning about Crypto

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